Our INLAND INTERMODAL TERMINAL has the capacity to provide complex services covering the complet internal process of various types of transport.

Container Handling

Handling of ADR Containers

Container Storage

Truck Parking

Trucking first / last Mile

General & Bulk


Grain & Bulk Goods

Grain trade has a certain particularity: the volumes are very large and logistics is a very important element. RHT has its own logistics since the beginning. RHT is a professional service, especially since the grain is mainly transported by train. We have a close connection with railway operators.

RHT saw a potential in the market. The demand for intermodal transport is increasing, and from grain trade and logistics to becoming an intermodal terminal operator was only one step and RHT made it.

We have developed as a country, as a technology, and through investments in logistics by the private sector, RHT opened new markets.

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